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AnnouncING a limited time performance of

Baby Hubris

At ThE manhattan repertory theaTre

Dates: May,16th @ 7:45 pm & May, 21st @ 8:00 pm

Reserve your ticket now!

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A Play By Jacqui Rêgo


The Play

BABY HUBRIS: a magical-realism call to arms where you meet - Leslie, who "wants to fuck up your chakras."  As an overworked single mom, she starts hallucinating the ghost of Dr. Benjamin Spock and takes him as her personal guru. We meet Wyatt, a transplanted cowboy who howls at the moon with three-headed dogs, and six-month-old baby Jack, who talks and doles out wisdom for the ages. With sex, poetry, and Greek gods Leslie gives birth to her power and with rambunctious dramatic-comedy, we explore love, ego, and passion while carving out an authentic life in NYC.

The Author

"Six years in the making, countless other projects came and went, but BABY HUBRIS was somehow always living in my mind, taking space in my soul, and beating out it's poetry (quite literally) in my heart. It was a voice that decided of it's own accord to rise up, and howl." - Jacqui